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What happens when you need to borrow $10,000 which is more than your monthly income? Most payday lending shops will not be able to lend you that amount of money. In this case, you should be looking for lenders that give large long term installment loans for bad credit. The repayment for such products are designed to be spread over a specified number of months, such as 12 months unsecured financing. That means you only need to slowly pay a smaller amount to your lender whenever you get your paycheck until you are totally debt free again. This reduces the risk of late payments or default, so it helps for those that need to rebuild their credit and access fairer personal financing in future.

When legitimate U.S. companies make it easy to get real loans with no credit or collateral, borrowers are able to get a second chance to become debt free again. If you are currently unemployed, you need to get a job first and help yourself so that lenders can help you.

12 month loans The best way to find loans you pay back monthly is from online providers. When you must get some money urgently and cannot wait, these internet finance sites are available 24/7 so you may get one approved as quickly as one hour (minimal faxing). Its even possible to get the money transferred to your checking account directly. This financing facility is very easy to get with no hassle nor will there be stringent credit requirements. When you must have money in your checking account quickly, this is perhaps your best option despite having no experience in borrowing money over the internet.

Actually, online personal loans paid over 12 months are nothing new and is quite similar to your normal car or home mortgage. For home buyers and car buyers with low FICO scores, they can still get financing because these are structured with more payments over many months or even up to 30 years for a big home purchase. Furthermore, the lenders can repossess the car or house if the borrowers really have financial problems.

As for long term 12 month loans, the borrowed amount is usually smaller and depends on your average income. There are some lenders that can help high risk borrowers to consolidate their high interest credit card debts through a monthly plan. There is no need to provide collateral, but if you are keen, it may help you get good offers for long term secured loans.

Borrow 5000 Installment Loans

Some money lenders require you to have a stable job for the past 3 months and earning at least $1500 a month. This is not unreasonable, since you are unlikely to pay back a $10,000 installment loan easily. That indicates you should not go for any type of unsecured debt for bad credit above 5 times your monthly income.

That said, some shady lenders do not rigorously check your income and you can even get borrowing deals for unemployed at your own risk. These fly by night companies tend to assume you have your own means of finding money to return them, or they will bring your case to the county court for a legal judgment.

As mentioned earlier, a high risk unsecured installment loan for people with bad credit do come with higher lending rates. You cannot expect the same APR as home mortgage deals when you are not able to pass a bank credit investigation or put down a security deposit. Some consumers may feel that the lenders are asking for exorbitant interest fees, but do not let that stop you from improving your situation. For exmaple, if these real money lenders charge you 20% interest while your other debts cost you 22%, it still make sense to consolidate them using a single legitimate lender.

Emergency Lenders Pay Over 12 Months

Note that an unsecured cash advance is designed for small personal emergencies, so make sure you pay them off as soon as possible and never be late or extend the repayment date repeatedly even if the lenders allow you to stick with a 12 month deadline. It is good to be strongly disciplined or it becomes tougher and tougher to clear off the debt on time. Misusing such personal credit is the main reason why bankruptcy rates are increasing every year.

If you know for sure that you cannot afford in full, start selling your valuable possessions to raise money, get a part time job for more income or approach your employers for a salary advance to cover the due payments. This is recommended because of the savings on financing fees.

Once you have no problems paying every month on time, your FICO score will be restored and you may get fair APR, longer deadlines etc from larger lenders in about 6 months time. By that time, its easier to qualify for a new installment lender you can pay slowly at fair rates and repeat the process.